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Our focus is on finding and providing solutions that deliver your desired results within your budget and timeframe.

We are a professional service group with multilingual professionals experienced working with foreign investors in Japan. Our services include: market entry, accounting & tax, HR, payroll & benefits, Employer of Record, on-demand professionals, legal & transactional support, corporate finance and business consulting services and nominee representative with virtual office services.

We act as our clients` internal team of experts and “goalkeepers” for each of the service areas that we provide.

We are a professional multilingual team with expertise in the Japanese market ready to assist you when needed. Our internal team is at the core of everything we do. When we outsource professional staff to our clients, they remain connected to, and are monitored by our internal staff. This provides additional quality control and governance capacity for our clients.

Contrary to traditional accounting, tax, recruitment, or business consulting firms, we provide multiple options and solutions, not a single line of services.

Our solutions include:

a.) Outsourced services to get the job done without you having the hire and manage your staff i.e. outsourcing;

b.) People on-site i.e. recruitment or workforce dispatch;

c.) Advice on improvements to your processes, systems, resources;

d.) A combination of the above.

The bottom line is we support what works best for you, based on your schedule, current situation, corporate culture, and last, but not least, any budgetary constraints.


OUTSOURCING – Services delivered directly by the Professional Service Team

PROFESSIONAL RESOURCES – Resources linked directly to our internal professional service team for performance monitoring and control, knowledge support. If necessary, we also back up any in-house resources for continuity purposes.

BUSINESS CONSULTING – Sharing knowledge, expertise and best practices from our Professional Service Team with our clients. Our Professional Service Team can assist with partial, or full implementation of the business advice provided via Business Consulting Services.



We know how local market works in Japan. Our all-bi-lingual and professional team are on the ground to get the job done for you when you need it. Our teams and processes are linked to deliver the best and most efficient outcomes for our clients across all locations and regions.


We’re a part of your business and team. We are your ears and eyes on the ground. We are here to help you understand working in an unfamiliar culture and how to get things done.


We work even when you sleep   we can also support and keep an eye on your business around the clock.


We use a controller’s mindset when reviewing and monitoring your business performance and costs to ensure your business remains in good shape.





ALL BI-LINGUAL TEAM. Communication is a key. Therefore, all our team members communicate both in Japanese and English by default. We navigate our clients in the Japanese business market depend on our knowledge and expertise to navigate in the difficult . Therefore, we act as our clients’ ears and eyes at all times.


EXPERTS IN DOING BUSINESS IN JAPAN. We understand the challenges of being in a foreign country and apply such understanding and a personalized approach when bridging clients and their businesses into Japan.


ONE - TEAM. We work as one team. While we assign one Point-Of-Contact per client or service group, there is a team assigned for review and continuity with full visibility and access.


YOUR TEAM. Its simple. If our clients do well, we do well. We act as our clients’ ears and eyes in the business and market at all times. We are a part of your team in Japan not just a service provider.

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